Black Women Business Summit #BWMB: 1 Keynote + 12 Featured Speakers

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Author: Neena Speer

Published: March 8, 2021

Category: Featured Articles

The Black Women Mean Business virtual summit was amazing. It was comprised of 12 black women professionals with tools and tips to help improve your business.

It was a 12-hour, 2 day event with 12 black women teaching 12 topics that you needed to know: business power sessions if you will.

Every hour was allocated to a different speaker with a different area of expertise. It covered topics from personal injury law to social media influencing, educational consulting, trademarks, copyrights, and even more. 

We touched on concepts in business that maybe you’re not sure about i.e. meditation, how to help achieve balance and stay sane.

These are the speakers, the amazing women that were at the summit:

1. Neena Speer

I am a trademark attorney here in Alabama and I gave My Signature Trademark That Thursdays Talk (available free twice a year). It gained 60 views that same day.

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2. Jasmine Brunson

Jasmine is a trademark lawyer. I had her do a search for me and she did a great job. I believe in making sure that people who are doing what they can to make a difference here in Birmingham, Alabama can also influence themselves.

I wanted to make sure that I get to know people in Alabama. Jasmine and I met in a master class to learn how to market and explain entrepreneurship better to people.

We were in class together, and bravely we came up with a plan to always help each other when we can.  

3. Ashley Bell

Ashley and I have a background. I got my Bar License after I took the bar a couple of times and Ashley has had to endure for more than a couple of times, but we met in that same bar exam class.

She’s a survivor and has been doing it big ever since 2020 when she passed. She focused on LLC formation and the session is still live at this link.

4. Sandrieka Moore

Sandrieka did Business Funding 101. She worked with my nonprofit where she is the Corporate Relations and Sponsorship director.

She is an amazing friend to me in accounting and helps me understand how to apply to business funding and how to search and apply for grants for startups. She can teach you how to do numbers, and she went through different profiles on the SBA website and much more in her session available on still live at this link (twice a year) and under the Small Business budgeting and grants workshop bundle.

5. Carletta Sanders

Carletta has a book called Becoming Esquire where she talked about authoring your story and making money.

She talked about the multiple streams of income, how to take your skills and develop multiple income streams. She also talked about other engagements and ways to diversify your portfolio with your story.

In her video here, Carletta has a story worth hearing.

6. Raisha Williams

Raisha is the master of meditation. She talks about understanding what it means to be in your waiting season. Raisha used meditation to help get back to ground zero to start over again and wait for the big things that come along. Listen to her session here.

7. Kameron Buckner

We have connected, Kameron and I, since I did a law interview with her when #DearFutureLawyer branding first started. We’ve continued to formalize our social media friendship and made a joint event. This led to me admiring her social media branding and marketing.

If you would like to get a preview of a social media marketing strategy that works, her video will give you a preview of how to work with Kameron.

Kameron is very informed about Instagram with a great connection and reactions in real time. As a photographer, Kameron puts her full efforts into the studio and into everything she does.

8. Crystal Smitherman

Crystal has made a name for herself. She finds ways of highlighting people without being asked. She does it because she cares.

She does it if it’s something she’s passionate about or if it’s something that is her mission to get the best resources to her district and city. Tapping into a personal network or driving a business is what Crystal does very well.

9. April Collins

April started the Black Lady Lawyers Association of Alabama. She started a professional association in the industry to serve a group of people.

If you put your heart into creating something, you will automatically put your full effort into making it beautiful and useful for people around you. If you don’t know how to start it, just talk to April.

10. Ameera Steward

Ameera is a journalist who talks about taking up space and finding your voice up through stories. She uses her capabilities to take stories, find voices that focus on black journalistic messages, and take up space in a powerful way.

If there’s something you need to connect with and make a genuine bond with on paper, then start by reaching out to Ameera.

11. Danielle Lyn

She started off being my blogger intern. However, I refused to let her settle for working for me and kept pushing her to start her business because we had taken the same class and were duly equipped to begin. Soon after those talks, she launched her law firm.

Danielle talks about the legal field. We keep each other on our toes all the time and make sure we do what we say we are going to do. I think that’s an excellent trait in a friend to have when you are someone like me.

12. Veronique Zimmerman-Brown

Veronique talks about the importance of balance. She works for different entities; however, she still juggles her life with her husband, kids, and consulting business.

Veronique works for all these entities and she barely rushes. She is a very good illustrative example about understanding how to balance.

13. Akiesha Anderson (Special Keynote)

Akiesha has done a lot of things from political lobbying, UCLA Law school Dean of admissions. She has also worked for a lot of entities. Her talk was phenomenal!


We put all of these ladies together because I wanted the people I know to get some face time with brilliant black women in their network and beyond. The important part is that you should always put your heart and effort into making things beautiful.

Finally, it is good to remember that in life you don’t have to do a ton of different things. You just have to give without asking for a thank you.

Disclaimer: This is for informational use only. Not legal advice. An attorney-client relationship is not formed by viewing and receiving information attached to The Neena R. Speer Law Firm LLC’s social media pages @neenarspeerlawfirm. “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”

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