Employee Appreciation: The 3 Different Pillars of Employee Appreciation

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Author: Neena Speer

Published: March 8, 2021

Category: Featured Articles

Employees are people that support you and make it possible to build your empire by doing the work. There are three different pillars of employee appreciation.

Giving free products

Personally, this is the way I like to show appreciation to my employees: Giving them free products whenever we launch something new.

That is because we would like to have access to beta tested information and themes out there about our products.


Appreciate your employees by giving them the new product that you’re launching. Let them be the beta tasters: the first people to like the new products that you have.

However, if you have a smaller company that allows you to get the company’s feedback without doing anything official, let your employees get the first ( MVP), or the minimum viable product for free.

Highlight your employees

Try to give them a voice, a blog post, or creative freedom, and let them post for your social media. Let them be a moderator at your events and allow them a voice in the company as a great way to show appreciation.

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Give them rewards

To me, I prefer building them up to affiliate marketing and getting commission-based pay. This means they market for me but they get paid a commission. That’s why I use Podia which has a buildable membership level that includes affiliate marketing.


Appreciate your employees by telling them thank you and giving them some free products. You would also want to make sure you back them up when push comes to shove or they need that future recommendation or that time off later on and things like that.

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