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Expungements Made Easy (Pro Bono Guidance Program)

Jobs Not Jails  was a program launch by Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettaway for leveling the job playing field for those who had criminal records keeping them from jobs. We established a working partnership with them in 2021 to help improve your odds to design the life you deserve again. Let’s make it easy to apply for an expungement today. 

Expungements can help you because they literally clear or seal your criminal past which comes up a lot in job interviews as a huge barrier. 


Neena cannot do anything on this matter until you follow those steps.

  1. Contact Felicia by phone or email
  2. Felicia will email you the application plus instructions
  3. You fill out the two page application, come in to the sheriff’s office to get fingerprinted and obtain your $25 Money Order and Color Copy of Your Driver’s License
  4. Send all these the ALEA Records department indicated in your application
  5. Then wait 5-8 weeks for that background report to be mailed to you from ALEA
  6. When you receive your background check report contact Felicia again. She will email us your confirmed info

LAST STEP: [This is when you contact Neena]

  1. Set a meeting with Neena so she can work on your petition.*

* = Neena is not responsible for your filing fees and for each charge there is a mandatory $500 fee PER ARREST.

2. Neena fills out the paperwork to be filed for each charge that qualifies for expungement and YOU file the paperwork

3. If you get confused, Neena will be there for a scheduled virtual consult again

We know this is overwhelming, but this is how the process can be handled as efficiently as possible. We hope that helps give you more clarity. 

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Misdemeanor crimes occur more often but are less serious.

There are three kinds of misdemeanors ranging from highest to least, Class A, B, and C.

Class A

Class A comes with a jail sentence that is no more than a year and no more than $6000 in fines

  • includes indecent exposure, sexual misconduct, and third-time DUIs

Class B

Class B comes with a jail sentence that is no more than six months no more than $3000 in fines

  • includes unlawful assembly and cruelty to animals

Class C

Class C comes with a jail sentence that is no more than three months no more than $500 in fines

  • includes disorderly conduct and harassment

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Driving Under the Influence (DUIs)

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws are aimed at preventing motorists from getting behind the wheel in an impaired state. They require a defense if possible because one consequence of a guilty plea is a suspended license.

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Felony crimes are always considered more serious crimes.

Class A

No less than fifteen years and no more than life in prison.

  • Ex: Murder or First-Degree Burglary

Class B

No less than two years and no more than 20 years.

  • Ex. First Degree-Assault or Robbery

Class C

No less than one year and one day and no more than 10 years.

  • Ex. Stalking or Interfering with Custody rights

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