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Trademark Search and Registration Coaching

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies the source of a good or service used in commerce

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Copyright Search and Registration


A copyright protects original works of authorship including, literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poems, books, films, songs, computer software, and designs.

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Copyright Assignment Agreement


A copyright assignment agreement is a contract between a client and a creator and vice versa that is meant to transfer copyright ownership from the creator to the client.

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Business Entity Formation



  • Secretary of State Account Creation
  • Registration with the Secretary of State
  • Articles of Organization/Incorporation
  • Tax ID Number
  • Notice of Publication (if required).
  • Business Guidance on identifying a NAICS code

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Non-Profit Formation Package



  • Stage 1: Business Entity Formation Package
  • Stage 2:  Bylaws and Conflicts of Interest Statement
  • Stage 3:  Applying for Exemption Status

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Operating Agreement


Operating agreements are a list of rules, structures, voting, percentages, and other member expectations for disputes and decisions that serve to structure the business better in case of an incident.

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Contract Drafting


Including but not limited to

  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Client Agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Recording agreements
  • Endorsement deals
  • Appearance releases
  • Music/film licensing
  • Television casting agreements
  • Booking agent agreements
  • Songwriter agreements
  • Merchandising
  • Publicity rights releases
  • Film location agreements
  • Photographer/model releases
  • Book publishing agreements
  • Influencer Agreements
  • Investor Agreements
  • Player Contracts/Agreements
  • and other contracts
  • Price Options for Drafting/Review
    • Review and Consultation – Level I
    • Review, One Round of Revision, and Consultation- Level 2
    • Review, Unlimited Revisions, and Consultations until the final completion of the retained service – Level 3

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General Counsel


  • 10 hours of retained legal service
  • Does Not Expire
  • Hours Can Be Spread Out
  • Will be applied to services as requested by Client
  • Discount on services of $5,000 from the normal $10,500 rate

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