Cookies Policy

This section explains what cookies are and gives details of the specific cookies we use on our Site.  It also sets out why we use these cookies and provides information on the options that you and all our Site users have.

To enable certain features that may be available or become available on the Site, our server will assign your browser a unique identification number stored in a file on your computer (a “cookie”, or similar technology). Cookies by themselves cannot be used to find out the identity of any user. This unique identification number will automatically identify your browser to our computers whenever you interact on our Site.   You can find out more information about cookies at and

How does this Site use cookies? This Site uses the following cookies for the following purposes:

Category of cookie

Specific cookies we use

More information

How long these cookies stay on your device

Functionality cookies

WordPress session cookies

These cookies are used to identify a user’s browser as the visitor goes from page to page on the Site.  These are session cookies, which means that the cookie is deleted when you leave the Site.  It is an integral piece of the Site software and used to let the server know which users are on the Site at any given time and make certain parts of the Site easier to use.

These cookies are deleted when you leave the Site.

Performance cookies

Google Analytics



These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our Site.  The cookies collect information in anonymous form, including the numbers of visitors to the Site, where visitors have come to the Site from, the pages they visited and how they have interacted with tools on the Site like search and embedded media players.  We use the information to compile statistical reports of our users’ browsing patterns so that we can improve the Site.

_ga: 2 years
_gid: 24 hours
_gat: 1 minute

Spotify: see Spotify cookies policy

Targeting/Advertising Cookies


These cookies are used to deliver advertising relevant to the interests of visitors to our Site. They are persistent, which means they will remain on your device after you leave the Site.

Facebook: 90 days

Your cookie choices: When you first visit the Site, you will be notified about the use of cookies on our Site.  You may choose to disable ‘non-essential’ cookies (i.e., cookies other than those that are necessary to provide the Site’s services to you) by changing your browser settings.  Please note that if you disable functionality cookies, this may affect how the Site functions.

For further information on disabling cookies using your browser settings, please refer to your browser ‘help’ section or see

Our pages on social media: If you visit a page which we maintain on a social media site such as Facebook, it is likely that cookies will also be set on your device.  These cookies are set by the social media network and so, to change the cookies that you receive from these sites (even on our pages), you will need to use the settings provided by the social media site.

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