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Neena Speer Law Firm LLC - Birmingham Alabama - Dear Future Lawyer

Hey Future CEO ®ANI,

You are finally ready to start that business. You know that idea you’ve been sitting on? The way that I see it: your business has millionaire potential. I can’t tell you when you are going to make your first million, but I can tell you becoming a well-versed CEO ®ANI is something that even I struggle with sometimes. Many will tell you that the key to life and accomplishing your goals is a strategic plan and the discipline to execute that plan. However, how do you get to that Mindset so you can execute the plan?

In this book you will find transformative nuggets of wisdom from entrepreneurship to making millions using your trademarks. This all awaits you, Sounds good yet?

This book series is packed full of information like:

💼 Entrepreneurship Design Process & Breakdown to Business Secrets Playbook

💼From $80 to Five Figures CEO ®ANI ToolBox

💼 Top 10 Tips in Trademarks and more

There’s at least one amazing idea in all of us. No more sitting on that idea. Don’t wait a second more! It’s time to start your business, CEO ®ANI!

You were born to be the boss, sis!

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