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Author: Neena R. Speer

Published: October 1, 2020

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Who is Neena R Speer?

Attorney Neena Speer was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. At the tender year of 8th grade, she decided she wanted to be a criminal defense attorney. She always dreamed of coming back to make an impact in the community that shaped her. Speer maintained this dream throughout her entire high school and college career at Howard University. Speer. She ultimately landed back in Alabama at the University of Alabama School of Law. Speer. She graduated from law school in 2017 with high honors for her commitment to public service and pro bono work. Speer has interned for the Northern District of Alabama Federal Public Defender’s Office, The Honorable Judge Coogler, The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), clerked for the Honorable Brendette Brown-Green, and assisted in research for the Alabama Law Institute and Professor Montré Carodine. Speer’s legal papers have been published in two legal journals, one being the Harvard Journal on African American Policy. Neena is a proud member of the Alabama State Bar Association since April 2018. Neena was also the 2019 Co-Chair of the Birmingham Bar Association’s Public Service Committee and presently serves as the Community Relations chair of the Magic City Bar Association and devoted member. Neena is also a member of the Alabama Lawyers Association. She focuses primarily on trademarks, copyrights, contract drafting/review, business formation, criminal defense, family law, and general law in her practice. She formally created her solo practice this January 2019 but has been working hard for her clients since April 2018 when she passed the bar. Neena prioritizes serving her clients and has helped resolve cases with deferred prosecutions, reduced sentences and extensive community service, and more. She listens to each person she serves with a full heart and powerful passion. She has also started her own lifelong mentorship nonprofit, Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative and wrote two books, 1) Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Survival Guide and Journal for the Female Minority Law Student and 2) Lost Sisters Circle Guidebook for Minority Law Ladies Who Are Craving Their Own Safe Space all before the age of 28.

Dear Future Lawyer

When Author and Visionary Neena Speer posted her new book release Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Survival Guide for the Female Minority Law Student it was met with amazing heartfelt support and purchases. It was commonly referred to as ” a book they wished they had when they were in law school”. Neena created this book for not only women of color, but it was created to be a safe space for women of color pushing through the difficult challenges of law school. These books are for youth who sometimes have felt alone and needed a safe place to express themselves. These books are journals that acts as a companion to law school. When Neena wrote Dear Future Lawyer book, she was a 1L struggling to stay above water at The University of Alabama School of Law. All she knew at the time is that she needed to write something to motivate herself. After passing the bar on her second attempt, Neena published this amazing guide and journal. From an early age, Speer’s mother and father encouraged her that she was going to be a CEO. Neena has since served as a YMCA summer camp counselor for over nine years and served as the 2018 YMCA Birmingham’s Give Campaign Face. Neena is a licensed entrepreneurship law and criminal law attorney, a five-time published author for her Howard University honor’s thesis and two University of Alabama School of Law papers, with one being published in the Harvard Journal on African American Public Policy, her first book entitled Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Survival Guide for The Minority Female Law Student, and now her newest publication Lost Sisters Circle Guidebook for Minority Law Ladies Who Are Craving Their Own Safe Space. Neena is a proud African American and Indian mentor, speaker, and a giver. Neena always tells her message with truth and authenticity and is passionate about helping business owners build their businesses, protect their rights, and protect their creative works and brands. 

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