The How Not To Be Inconsiderate in Legal Spaces List

Author: Neena R. Speer

Published: April 4, 2021

Category: Featured Articles


  • Do Not Do These
    • Mistake me for the secretary when I’m wearing a suit
    • Tell me to prove I’m a lawyer if you not gonna tell my male colleague the same
    • Ask me if I’m the DEFENDANT unless you are gonna ask every person that walks in that place the same question
    • Assume I like when you abuse authority and prevent me from entering a courthouse on the premise that you need to see my bar card but I am the only attorney in the attorney line you asked to do that
    • Tell me that the section past the “bar” is for attorneys only WHEN I AM an attorney
    • Assume because you have minority connections that you can’t make an unfair assumption about a person based on race and gender
    • Tell me that everyone has to go through the same process when I watched you make an exception for another attorney I know
    • Think we are not emotionally affected when your presumptions are grounded in overlooking our attire and briefcase and padfolio and saying “are you the client” lightly just based on the fact that you saw minority woman walk in.


Because frankly we are all SICKUUDIT!


A Black and Indian Woman Who Worked too Hard to Earn Her Law License to be Disregarded

I recommend you memorize the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE state bar directory and their attorney’s faces as a part of job prep.

Neena Speer, Esq.

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