Author: Neena Speer

Published: March 16, 2021

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Building compassion is very simple because you can only build it through compassionate situations. Developing compassion helps by connecting with people on a casual and approachable level.

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Some people use GroupMe. This is a way to facilitate conversations with members in large groups. I do that with very useful memes. I post memes in groups randomly because I am trying to facilitate a conversation.


Memes add humour to our daily culture. I use memes to build compassion because, in a humor driven world, you must understand the heartbeat of people is when they laugh at things that they can relate to.

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Compassion is truly about understanding how people feel and relate. So, if you are posting things you think are funny, it becomes another way of connecting to people. People who post memes are connectors because they are finding things that allow them to connect with people on a deeper level.

So, do you want to connect with people? Make a meme.


People use GIFs all the time to introduce the things that they don’t have the words for. GIFs allow you to express your personality and connect with people in a quick video format.


For example, we have several GIFs out there which you can look up using certain tags like neenarspeerlawfirm, neena, CEORANI, trademarkthatthursdays, etc.

Memes and Gifs can therefore express your personality and compassion and even help your business grow if you remain open and have fun with them.

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