Black Lives Matter Is Not a Trend

Black Lives Matter Is Not a Trend

Author: Neena R. Speer

Published: October 16, 2020

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By: Jasmine Davis, Former Law Firm Intern ✊🏽

In a world full of temporary trending topics, the Black Lives Matter Movement should not be one of them. We’ve heard time and time again that this isn’t simply a moment, it is a movement! If so, why is the movement losing its momentum as if it’s a 24-hour trending topic on Twitter?

We cannot afford to let the movement lose momentum because on a daily basis our brothers and sisters are experiencing violence, racism, and killings.

We cannot afford to let the movement lose momentum because the cops that killed Breonna Taylor have still not been arrested.

We cannot afford to let the movement lose momentum because so many other instances of a cop kneeling on a Black man’s neck as he uses his last breath to state he is unable to breathe is taking place, although unrecorded.

Jasmine Davis

 I get it, I, too, feel overwhelmed and unsure of how my small contributions to the movement can truly make a difference. I am also aware that these same thoughts and feelings are the reason that many fall silent. However, no matter how big or small of a contribution you may be making, it truly does help.

I think one of the biggest challenges in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement is that many people are afraid of speaking on topics they feel they aren’t “educated enough on.” I am here to tell you that you do not need a degree to speak on racism in America! You do not need a degree to speak up when you wake up and see yet another Black man being shot down by those that took an oath to protect ALL citizens! If you’re a minority and have experienced racism or any form of injustice then that is more than enough of a reason for you to have a voice in this matter. Even if you are not a minority, you may have never experienced any form of injustice a day in your life, you know that what is happening is wrong. That is more than enough of a reason for your voice to be heard. We need to get the idea out of our heads that you must belong to a certain class or have a higher education to have an opinion on these matters. Whether you’re a college graduate or a high school dropout, there is a seat at the table for all of our voices to be heard.  

On the other hand, don’t stray away from an opportunity to educate yourself on what’s going on in our world today. It is never too late to pick up a book or research to learn more about the injustices and systemic racism that minorities face. I admit it, at one point I thought I knew all there was to know about racism in America. FALSE. The first step in educating ourselves is being okay with accepting that we do not in fact know everything there is to know. Also, educating yourself doesn’t necessarily have to be about the struggles of Black people. I’ve noticed that so much of the education that we’re exposed to consists of the struggles that Black people? have endured and continue to endure. Educate yourself on Black? success as well. Explore our heritage, our inventions, the history of our greatest leaders, the emerging young activists. Taking the time to learn about Black History can help in keeping up the momentum for the movement. 

Black National Anthem

Black Lives Matters

As we discuss ways to keep up the momentum,, I think it is also important to address one of the main ways we were able to gain momentum in the first place: social media. Social media has been a driving force for this movement. Many people struggle to see how social media has been able to genuinely assist in the movement other than creating an “activist aesthetic” for many. If you happen to fall within the category of people with this mindset allow me to break this down for you. We live in a world that consists of posting our daily activities, favorite foods, fashion, relationship goals, etc. So why is a single post pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement so controversial? The sole reason that the daily injustice that minorities face is coming to the light is that these acts are being filmed and posted on SOCIAL MEDIA for the world to see. The internet has become one of the quickest ways to spread information and help educate others. Continue to spread awareness. Continue to educate your followers. Continue to bring a voice to your page. Social media has helped us gain the necessary momentum for the movement and we should continue to utilize it.

Outside the parameters of social media, I believe it is our obligation to ensure that the way we go about our day to day lives is a reflection of our stance for the Black Lives Matter movement. In order to see the change that we so strongly desire we have to work at it each and every day. Most importantly, the liberating energy that we have online must be kept offline.

I decided to keep the same energy by seeking out more black-owned businesses for items I regularly purchase. I decided to keep the same energy by accepting conversations with those that have opposing views to my own. I have decided to keep the same energy by paying closer attention to the needs of my own local community and figuring out ways that I can provide service. I decided to keep the same energy by making it my lifelong goal to continue to show up for my people. How will you “keep the same energy”?

Jasmine Davis

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