Course Content Creation

Course Content Creation

Author: Neena Speer

Published: March 15, 2021

Category: Featured Articles

Course content is very simple because all you got to do is create it. I have a video on that talks about private label rights.

You only have to follow a given formula and framework to put your information in, rebrand and market it and make money. How do you create high quality course content?

Get your copyright and trademark.

Just like we all have signatures, you should have copyright and/or trademark on your course materials, course names, and the actual course books.

Course Content

Upload Your Course Content

Once you have created your course materials and protected them, upload your course content into any platform like Kajabi or Coursera. I use where I have an affiliate link.  

Through Podia, I have the option to have affiliate marketing which is very effective.  Affiliate marketing for your business is key to making money and free marketing incentive for your interns if they receive a flat fee for their sales. To host on podia, it costs $39 per month to hold that account.

Online Course Membership Fees Returned

I can make that buck by charging for one product at $ 39. I will multiply that by 12.  I only need to have a product that sells that much (i.e. $39 x 12) per year so if only one person buys that product, then that podia subscription gets covered. That’s the type of business you’re trying to build.

If you’re going to create course content, do not create it in the business where you make money. Create a separate LLC, in order to have your course content correctly protected.  

Because if someone doesn’t like your course, you will not want your skilled trade business to become liable.

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