Neena is the first recipient of the Verin-Walker President’s Award for Service for the Magic City Bar Association

Author: Neena R. Speer

Published: December 22, 2020

I’m not crying, you’re crying 😱😭

Y’all know I joke a lot, but this was something that shook me.

I love working with others and seeing us all win and that has only been championed by a mentor of mine Chris Burrell that I was connected to by Alex Mitchell


When Chris called to tell me this, I was completely shocked. I was relaxing in my Comfy and just enjoying a moment of peace.

Awaiting my sister coming home for the holidays, I knew I had to clean and get some more client’s work done.

I finally dragged myself to my email and saw the ever-faithful Magic City Bar Association News You Can Use (y’all really need to trademark that😉) Email and I was expecting to see a nice recap of all the people who make Magic City Bar Association so great.

However, I was trying to run a summit and listen to our annual MCBA wrap up meeting this month. I was present to hear that this award was formed. God told me to just listen to the whole event even though I was trying to simultaneously host one of my speakers Raisha Williams for the Black Women Mean Business event. I remember hearing Eugene Verin (an esteemed Howard Alum *HUUUU YOU KNOW*) and Deborah Byrd-Walker (the person who let me help with MCBA banquet all those years after I was awarded the scholarship) be the named persons for the award name.

I never once imagined that that AWARD was for me. Not once!

I have long worked hard for many organizations, but I have said this many times, I was thankful for the Magic City Bar Association because they gave me first and only additional scholarship in law school.

I had lost my scholarship my 1L year and was so depressed.

I applied to every single scholarship I could imagine, and they were the ones to give me my first plaque and check for money I desperately needed for graduation. So, even though I still had a cloud of law student loan debt hanging over my head, that was my one bright spot.

Y’all I am crying as I write this because I have never been more listened to and supported by a President as I did by Chris Burrell. So, thank you Chris for making it a pleasure to serve you and the Magic City Bar Association

I had so much fun in my life as a Community Relations Chair

(I think I found my thing 🤩)

With Love,

Neena Speer (always hoping that the Speer name holds weight to honor my late father Donnie Ray Speer, you hear that dad, just another award to honor your name)




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