Trademark Lawyers – The List of Lawyers Who Do Great Work In The Industry

Trademark Lawyers

Author: Neena Speer

Published: March 11, 2021

Category: Featured Articles

This is a list of trademark lawyers who do group work in the industry to become mentors that we have worked with or spoken to or taken a class with. They put out classes regularly for people can attend.

Dayna Thomas Cook

Dayna is an amazing trademark trainer from Atlanta. I enjoyed working with Dayna regularly as her mentee and as somebody who can bag ideas off her.

Dayna has a book called an Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building A Solid Legal Foundation. It’s also available on Amazon. You can access these books through and other Trademark That Thursdays summit pages.

As we get some trademark issues at a higher level, it’s good to talk to someone who’s been around and knows all the tips or tricks.

Radiance Harris

Radiance is the author of Trademark Like A Boss: A book that can explain things easily so that you can understand them.

Teaching trademarks requires a lot of explanations. This makes it a mastery that only gets better with time. However, Radiance can show you illustrations on how you can trademark like a boss. Her book is also available on Amazon and Kindle.

Andrea Evans

Andrea has a book All About Trademarks.  She also handles patents and used to be USPTO examiner. Her book amazon link is available on the trademark summit website pages.

All About Music Book

The book is compiled by many people and it’s all about music. It’s really good if you’re trying to get into the music industry.

It also gives a better understanding of contracts and the different contract terms used. Usually, in contract law, there are right terms and the clauses are always switched based on your unique needs.

This book has been very useful in my growth process.

BONUS: Sonia Lakhany

She is the trademark lady on Instagram, and she did an amazing presentation on Alt Legal for the Wow Factor. I still utilize some of her tips to obtain clients and I also love to share her Cheryl’s Cookies option with my clients. They love it.

Sonia is making her empire which has so far made her community a fortunate area. I appreciate it.

All these people have more knowledge and they have been able to explain trademark to their clients better. They can help you explain it to your potential clients better too by just taking their classes.

They are all seasoned veterans. You need to learn to do better in your trademark law practice constantly by learning from people who do many of the filings who look like you and me.

So that is the rules that they utilize, and it says if someone has a trade dress for goods or services examining determine attorney must determine the mark is inherently distinctive.


As a lawyer who is looking to learn how to trademark, you should do something to help you get knowledge. Because when you get clients, your first potential client should not be your practice filing, but instead a stepping stone to more. 

Remember, what you can do with a trademark is limitless. It’s not just about the attorneys: It’s about understanding that trademarks are meant to become a tool and a mechanism for you to be known as the source of services, goods, product packaging, and even trade dress.

If you’re creating anything related to a business you are going to want to start off protected. That’s how all of these people I talk to understand and follow .

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Do not think that you can’t do it. You should always remember that with someone to help you, the whole process becomes easier.

You only have to read and understand the extensive TMEP manual procedure and rules to do everything required of you.


Trade Dress

I use trade dress as an application to explain to you some legal codes. It has very extensive rules:

  • You have to understand what the rules are and the different distinctions to make it encompass enough to trademark.
  • You have to determine whether a proposed product design package is functional as a trademark.
  • You have to show that you delivered something good by determining whether a proposed design or product packaging trademark is functional.
  • You have to describe your product by taking a picture, uploading it, and describing it as a specimen

This is what trademark attorneys utilize to make decisions about whether or not you’re going to have some issues with your trademark.

Most consumers are not so quick to check things about trade dress, but we understand the rules and we have to follow them and make them easier for our future clients to understand.

Disclaimer: This is for informational use only. Not legal advice. An attorney-client relationship is not formed by viewing and receiving information attached to The Neena R. Speer Law Firm LLC’s social media pages @neenarspeerlawfirm. “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”

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